About the European Refractive Surgery Council

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the benefits corrective eye surgery brings, and many more are considering having treatment. We believe it’s essential that they have access to the information they need to decide what’s best for them, and so we give details on everything from how the surgery is conducted to what makes someone a good candidate for a refractive procedure. 

We believe that anyone who is considering corrective eye surgery should be able to make an informed decision. It’s important to understand exactly what’s involved, from the different procedures available to how vision correction can help people see the world clearly, and so the European Refractive Surgery Council is on hand to help provide answers. 

The European Refractive Surgery Council is made up of a number of refractive industry representatives and highly experienced and qualified medical professionals with extensive backgrounds in research, development and optical technology. The Council exists to ensure that the facts are available to anyone thinking about vision correction surgery.

Vision is precious and, to us, education on the available options for surgery is key. The ERSC is here to help people make informed decisions which could change their lives.

Interested in Refractive Surgery?

Answers to questions about LASIK, PRK, SMILE and vision-correcting cataract surgery.


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