Am I A Candidate For LASEK?

LASEK is an elective procedure which treats near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. It is an elective procedure, and so it is a personal choice to have LASEK treatment. Thorough consideration should be given. As with all medical procedures, LASEK has its limitations, risks and benefits.Is LASEK Safe?LASEK is a safe and effective vision correction solution, but because LASIK offers a faster recovery and minimal discomfort, it is typically only performed if the patient is not suitable for LASIK.Because there is no incision made in the cornea, LASEK has even less risk of complications than LASIK.As LASEK is surgery, though, risks do exist, including:Post-operative hazeBlurred, hazy or cloudy visionDry eyes for a limited periodSensation of having a foreign object in the eye

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